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Give It To Ya Till You're Screaming my NAME.


♥Tuesday, January 4, 2011♥

@ 10:16 PM

♥Saturday, December 25, 2010♥

@ 7:57 PM

♥Tuesday, December 21, 2010♥

@ 3:42 AM

♥Saturday, November 6, 2010♥

@ 6:03 PM

♥Thursday, September 16, 2010♥

Finally my cousin's computer can use again as internet had some problem..
erm start to work as 711 girl..seriously it really very tired but everyday baobei stil will call me asking how am i and it make me feel very happy yeah =)...

nothing much to say cause i have you that is my wish!!!

@ 9:09 PM

♥Saturday, September 11, 2010♥

Wake up at 11 pm plus baobei called me from singapore just to wake me up=)
so sweet yeah >.<...
have some conversarion a while then back to sleep cause very tired..
don't know what did i do also 0.o..
awake again about 1 pm plus, went to bath then ask one of my cousins to accompany
to ride bike to go buy my lunch..
while waiting for my fo0d we ride go find my old friend ..kidda happy!!

@ 4:06 PM

♥Thursday, September 9, 2010♥

Reach Thailand yesterday at 12.30 pm for singapore would be 1.30pm..
Kindda happy and sad as the same time.. ..
happy to see my cousins such a long time..
sad cause have to leave the one i love at singapore alone to become emo kid =(
to0k lot photo with cousins and have lot of fun talking to them..
sad everytime thinking about my family because i afraid to lose you..

today only eat and sleep!!!
miss baobei lotlot

@ 9:01 PM